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Sexism, stupidity and the postal strike

This week Caster Semenya arrived home in Gauteng after winning gold at the athletics in Berlin, Germany. Caster has been widely scrutinised and criticised while her gender was called into question and tested after she broke the world record for the 200m running race. Tests have since come back positive, yes she is indeed a woman.

This week I have felt the outrage shared by many, how dare she have to undergo medical testing to confirm her gender. Should every woman in the world who doesn’t have blonde hair, a tiny waist and cleavage be subjected to similar treatment? That would provide some justice for Caster, but would only serve to perpetuate this stupid concept of women’s beauty. I for one can only dream of sporting her amazing abs and arm muscles, I’m working on it but I doubt I will ever have as glorious a body as she does. caster1

Before you stop reading because I am starting to get on my feminist pony, consider for a moment the injustice of all of this. She won a gold medal at a world athletics competition. Years of training and hard effort were rewarded. She’s poor. She grew up without all the luxuries that the girl from the UK, who won the silver medal, would have taken for granted (and indeed that I took for granted). But this insurmountable victory was overshadowed by the stupidity and myopia of the Western media, who control the world’s information.

Why don’t they test the gender of particularly dainty male jockeys? No one is calling their gender into question. Why is it that the folly of the world is played out upon the body and emotions of a young woman from northern Pretoria? Everyone should be ashamed of themselves. I am starting to sound a bit like Julius Malema, the leader of the ANC Youth League. Malema’s famously sloppy mouth was at work again today when he shouted at the rally celebrating Caster’s return; “where are all the white people? If it was rugby they would be here!”

The absolute converse of Malema’s dumb words came from his president, Jacob Zuma who eloquently praised Caster, called for a reiteration of human rights and dignity for all persons and just generally treated the whole matter with grave seriousness. Kudos to you JZ. Now if only you could solve the nationwide postal strike, Caster would receive all of her fan mail, and I would get August’s edition of the Monthly magazine that I am anxiously awaiting.


3 comments on “Sexism, stupidity and the postal strike

  1. Miriam
    August 28, 2009

    Love it! Thanks, you put this so well.

  2. Keren
    September 1, 2009

    Nice post cuz. I agree with you sentiments entirely. I am curious to know what magazine you are anxiously awaiting?

  3. Sarah
    September 23, 2009

    hey kim, very nice article. as far as i know there are men who have been subjected to the gender testing turns out they were posing as women. and i think thats why they do it. because of those posers. it’s a hard one cos it is such an invasion of privacy but at the same time every athelete who wants to compete internationally knows the rules about gender testing, they are told before they sign the fine print. the culprit in all of this, according to the media, is the head of ASA. he knew she was going to be subjected to it before she left south africa because he was informed by the international body. and since then he and all those politicians and the media have been exploiting her and the situation trying to turn it into a racism and prejudice thing but there are white women who have been subjected to this as well. and malema wanted to know where all the white people were? with the rest of the black people who did not want to be part of the media circus! keep the articles coming kim!

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