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Loving architects

Two weekends ago Stephen and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.
It does feel like we have been married for a year, and it also feels like things are still only just beginning, the baby is about to make its appearance after all. The way we celebrated was truly fantastic, and I think, maybe, just maybe, it was even cooler than our wedding.

There is an amazing hotel in Joburg called the Westcliff and I had the privilege last year of enjoying their High Tea with my very english friend Ellie. We enjoyed our cucumber sandwiches and earl grey tea on a balcony overlooking a very blue pool, that cascaded off the edge of a bluff, overlooking Joburg city to the east, Magaliesburg to the west and the very leafy green rolling hills of the northern suburbs. I had always wanted to go back and swim in that very pool.

In the lead up to our anniversary I was feeling a bit melancholy and complaining (internally of course) that we probably weren’t going to do anything cool because we were too busy and the beach is so far away from Joburg and we didn’t have much spare cash to afford anything cool like my friends in Australia could (gosh I really can whinge). To top it off Stephen was going away for work the Friday and Saturday so I resigned myself to a weekend of gardening with a less than wonderful celebration on the Sunday. But then before Stephen went away he started talking about some ‘plans’ he had made. At first I was worried it was some scary new birth plan, but then I realised he was alluding to something for the weekend. He wouldn’t tell me anything except that I wouldn’t be disappointed, and he knows how very high my expectations are, so that was a big call. I started to think that maybe, just maybe we were going to go to the Westcliff, but it was a mere fantasy, I didn’t think that Stephen could be that cool.

He came home late on Saturday, and still with his lips sealed sent me to bed with no more information. Sunday, our special day, dawned and after church Stephen told me what was going on. Yes, we were going to the Westcliff! But how can this be? He had planned to take me there for dinner, but his ever-kind boss offered to pay for us to stay the night because Stephen is obviously such a wonderful and skilled architect (or he just works a lot). So in a frenzy of excitement in which I nearly left my swimming costume at home (the pool, remember) we headed off in my crappy little car to the fanciest hotel in Joburg.

I wasn’t disappointed. We lay by the pool all afternoon, swam and splashed around a little too much, ate chocolate scones, wondered at the incredible view (Joburg really is beautiful) and felt very out of place amongst the relaxing corporate types, rich families and very rich socialites. I must say my current fertile fleshiness was no match for the lithe, skinny bodies of the other young sunbakers, but I didn’t care. Dinner was lovely, breakfast was even better, Stephen is amazing and I was of course not disappointed.

In conclusion I love my architect husband. And his boss.

Here are lots of photos….


7 comments on “Loving architects

  1. Keren
    March 19, 2010

    “fertile fleshiness” LOVE it. You are going to be one yummy mummy Kim . Take care xxx

  2. ellidhcook
    March 19, 2010

    Amazing! And how lovely he was to make it a surprise too. (Well done Stephen!)

  3. Bec
    March 20, 2010

    Very cool to hear that you had a lovely time… you do deserve it after all.
    was thinking of you… as always, but especially.

  4. Kylie Wynne
    March 23, 2010

    kim how much do you look like Jenny in that photo with the fruit!

    glad you had a good time

  5. eneferri
    March 23, 2010

    Hey what a wonderful surprise. That is just great. Never fear the architects wives in Australia also try not to complain when their Australian friends speak about their amazing holidays while their architect husbands work long hours for little pay.
    See my blog Architects’ Wives on the touchy subject of holidays.

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