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30/40 Days to go….

Today is the 1st of May which means the 2010 Soccer World Cup, hosted here in beloved Jozi, is nearly upon us. The city is becoming more and more excited. Today I was driving home after yet another airport trip and the embankments on the side of the highway were festooned with men in luminous vests digging, sweeping and planting trees and flowers to mark the occasion. Increasingly more businesses and shops are adorning their space with a countdown and today they read 40 days to go (which clashes with my calculation of 42, but whatever). The ubiquitous salesmen at the traffic lights have put aside their sunglasses and Lous Vuitton rip offs and are now selling all manner of soccer paraphenalia, genuine of course.

As we count down to the first time Africa has hosted the World Cup Stephen and I are counting down to our hosting of the little baby that is taking over my body. It is coming in about 30 days, depending on which scan you believe. We too are busy, just like the men in orange vests, cleaning, sewing, reading, imagining, freaking out. We’re actually surprisingly relaxed. I’m more stressed about missing out on tickets to the soccer matches I want to go to. And Stephen reckons that I can’t take the baby to a game, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that I think the baby would want to make the most of, if it knew what soccer was.

To mark the countdown to the World Cup and the appearance of baby I am going to write a blog every day in May. I hope I can, and I hope it’s not too boring.


3 comments on “30/40 Days to go….

  1. Mim
    May 3, 2010

    You can take a newborn anywhere!!! It’s the toddlers that are difficult to take places. As long as you have breasts, a baby is pretty easy to keep happy and quiet 🙂

    Hope you get tickets!

    • kimlovesjozi
      May 4, 2010

      Stephen is worried the baby won’t be able to take the loud noise, and what if there was a riot or something, that would be bad. We’ll see…..

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