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The Kwera Kwera’s guide to enjoying Jozi: Winter sun

Today is one of those stellar Joburg days. Though it’s cold here in Winter it’s stunningly beautiful. Most Winter days are like today; crisp air, blue blue sky, green trees, stark white clouds. It’s cold in the shade and freezing in the house, but warm and healing in the sun. The pleasure of today’s weather is probably heightened by the last few weeks of rain, fog and general dreariness which is very un-Joburg for this time of year. The Winter sun and the weather in general is one of the best things about life in Joburg.

Brixton was shining this morning (despite the strike I spoke of yesterday). This must be one of the best places in Joburg to live to appreciate the weather, the views and the natural wildlife. Unfortunately Brixton has a bad reputation, but from my experience of living here for about 15 months most of that is based on class snobbery. It’s a wonderful place to live. I played an hour of tennis at Hilltop Tennis courts at the edge of Kingston Frost Park this morning. Here are some pictures……


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