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The sexy architect’s Meringue Log

Following on from yesterday let me fill you in on another talent possessed by my Irish husband. Not only is he a clever architect, a rather skilled car fixer and somewhat of an all round DIY dude, he is also quite a good chef. Well, I exaggerate. He cooks two things well, an Irish breakfast and his mum’s Meringue log. I challenge anyone else to find a tastier, cheaper and more impressive dessert. Stephen is also a bit of a ladies man, as much as someone who is also a very nice, good, Christian can be. I wrote in a previous post about Stephen’s teenage penchant for kissing many, many girls north of the Irish border.

Stephen used his mum’s meringue log as one of his little tricks in wooing me (I shouldn’t judge, don’t we all have our ways). I have since discovered that he used the log, as well as his other signature methods on other innocent young women over the last few years, but according to him I was the only one who really ‘got it’ when it came to appreciating his personality. Whatever, the log is amazing. Here’s how to whip one up to impress your own naive young guy or girl.

This one will make enough for 2 people to have a decent amount each…..

Firstly separate the yolks and whites of 2 eggs. Keep the yolks to the side. Whip the whites with 4 ounces of sugar (old school measurements from Ireland), until they’re stiff and form peaks. If you want to make a bigger log, increase half an ounce of sugar per egg that you add.

Put some baking paper in a small tray. Spread your meringue on the tray in a longish shape, kind of like a log. (That’s Stephen’s look of intense concentration, it would help if you had a similar look on your face.) Put in the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees and bake for about 1 hour. Keep an eye on it though and make sure it doesn’t start to brown as that will ruin the flavour, and your chance to impress.

While it’s cooking chill and read something interesting, like the Monthly magazine.

Reading the monthly

Heat some hot water in a saucepan. Put your egg yolks in a bowl with about 50g chocolate and put it over the saucepan. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or boiling. You want the chocolate to melt slowly, just like your heart, this isn’t just some flirtation after all. Mix the chocolate and yolks together.

Slowly melting

Spread on the upturned meringue.

Now for the tricky bit, hopefully you have the delicate touch of an architect’s hands. Your aim with this step is to squash/roll the log together, so that the chocolate is mostly on the inside. Keep the paper there to roll it nicely together.

Now leave it to cool, and in the meantime you could organise/marvel at your tools.


Take it out of the paper, salvaging any chocolatey goodness that has seeped out.

Whip some cream and pour over the log.

Grate some more chocolate and scatter everwhere. It’s ready!

Eat straight away or it will all start to ooze in a not so nice way. Mmmm it’s so nice.

Wooing complete.


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