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The big baby bonanza

In Jozi today world cup countdown stands at 26 days. The other countdown sweeping the city is of course the arrival of the Mansfield-Reid baby which stands at 16 as of today. This weekend, in respect of this milestone, I enjoyed three lovely pre-baby celebrations.

The first was on Friday morning in Brixton, or evening at Sally’s house in Illawong, Australia where my friends there held a baby shower in my absence, or skype presence. Skype was characteristically disappointing and so my participation in the celebration was fairly limited. But from what I saw of the food and heard of the games it looked to be a lovely time and made me miss, all the more, my wonderful friends in Australia.

Second was Saturday night here in Brixton, Johannesburg. Stephen and I threw a pre-baby bash. It was sort of a baby shower for everyone, guys included. But there were no baby games rather lots of beer and a bonfire. The weather screwed us a bit and the wind blew smoke in everyone’s eyes. But with the addition of fairy lights, cushions, vintage Blur and good food our ghetto backyard proved to be a cosy party spot. It was a lovely melange of people from all over; neighbours, architects, churchies. Either becuase of the cold or as a symbol of our transition into parenthood everyone was gone by 9:30pm and we were in bed by 10:30pm. No complaints there.

Finally this afternoon some women from my church gave me an old school baby shower. We played games, had to re-enact labour and ate a lot of cake. I was truly showered with advice and lovely presents, all in neutral gender colours. This baby is going to be wearing a lot of lime, yellow and bone for the first few months of its life.

Though far from all that is good and Australian in the world, I feel well supported and loved by those in my South African life. Tonight as a fitting end to our baby-y weekend Stephen and I visited our friends Thabo and Poppy and their new daughter Lesedi, who was born yesterday. Though Stephen is now freaked out about our imminent birth, I am fine, and Lesedi is very cute and tiny. So, bring on the next 16 days and whatever comes after that.


2 comments on “The big baby bonanza

  1. Levy
    May 17, 2010

    nice party on saturdayu nite.. i so wished i could stay(so that i can enjoy the beer) , but evryone kept on living. Ha!

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