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Meet the Kittys

Cats rule. I have always liked cats, but I’ve never really owned one as a pet. When I was growing up we were one of those boring, non-pet families. Though I do remember a guinea pig, some mice and goldfish fleetingly joining our family at different times. I also like cats as opposed to their domestic friends, dogs. Dogs are so needy, always wanting attention and approval. Even though you have to work pretty hard to get a cat to love you, it’s a healthier sort of love. They’re independent and together emotionally. I can ignore a cat and not feel like a terrible person.

Last year my cat fantasy came true as Stephen and I adopted our neighbour’s cat. Granted, at that stage we thought she was a stray. After only a couple of tries she was happily running up and down our hallway and making herself comfortable scratching the furniture. We named her Kitty and oh she brought us so much joy. She was pretty bizarre though. I had a tiny stuffed kangaroo toy that Kitty took an instant shine to. She used to grab the kangaroo in her paws and throw it up in the air swiping her paws at it. Often the furry kangaroo would stick to Kitty’s paws and then she would totally freak out and act as if she were being attacked. She repeated this with pieces of paper, elastic bands, and even would try it on my hand occasionally. It was tragic in October last year when Kitty died unexpectedly. I was newly pregnant and we were a bit paranoid about that poison in cat’s poo that is bad for baby humans. We were trying to wean Kitty off us by encouraging her only to live with her rightful owner. I think Kitty died of a broken heart. I know I died a little bit inside when she was no more.

Our second cat fantasy happened earlier this year. I’m not sure why we thought we were up for it, but when our friends were inundated with stray kittens we took one on. We named her Kitty, in honour of her predecessor. But Kitty 2 wasn’t as cool. She hid behind everything and pooed everywhere. When she started pooing in our bed we decided it was time to give her back. Our friend’s kids were pretty happy to have Kitty returned.

Now those same friends have new stray kitten’s, and they are even smaller and cuter than Kitty 2 was when she arrived! I have implored Stephen to let us have one, but he insists that soon we will be able to play with something cuter than a Kitty. But babies aren’t furry? And they don’t purr. I’m trying to listen to him, but look how cute……

Potential Kitty 3

Potential Kitty 4


2 comments on “Meet the Kittys

  1. Tim Vernum
    May 29, 2010

    They are so cute.
    I was never a cat person until we got ours.

    However, I’m not sure that I agree that you “can ignore a cat and not feel like a terrible person” – both of our two have decided that our laps are for their sole use, and even though they have very little interest in sitting there most of the time, it is quite an offence for us to put laptops there.
    When they decide that we’re giving to much attention to the computers they make it impossible for us to ignore them 🙂
    In fact our youngest is doing it to Bec right now.

    Oh, and apostrophe man is going to come and get you… “kitty’s” ! Didn’t you study literature? 🙂

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