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Boys, boys, boys

Remember my homeschooling friend with the questionable theology and very large family who writes the blog inashoe? I wrote about her on the 10th of May. Though we shared the same baby due date, she didn’t pop until a couple of days ago. I beat her by a good week. I am happy to report that to add to her brood of 8 daughters and 1 lonely son, she now has another boy. When I checked her blog and saw that she’d had a boy, I spontaneously shouted “it’s a boy” with more excitement than I have expressed about my own boy. I’m relieved for her, and for her other son.

In my lead up to the birth of Silas I went back and forth between wanting a boy or a girl. Initially my reasons were fairly superficial. I wanted a girl because I thought they were cuter, and it’s easier to knit for a girl baby. But then I waned on the girl idea a bit and concluded that I really didn’t mind. And I didn’t, right until the end, even though I became fairly convinced that I was having a boy.

Me and my boy

But then when Stephen pointed out to me that there were no Reid boys to carry on the family name I felt the pressure mount. Stephen’s brother has produced a solid crop of girls and if he is to have any more, the statistics are against the boys. So I knew it was up to us. When we told Stephen’s parents we’d had a boy they were very happy, as was Granda Reid, the oldest of the Reid patriarchs. At the respectable age of 95 Granda is relieved that Silas will carry on his name.

I honestly didn’t mind what gender my baby was. But when Ntombi, our midwife, made the announcement and fumbled “it’s a girl”, then on closer inspection “no it’s a boy” I was relieved. In the split second between her first announcement, then lifting Si’s leg and correcting herself, it didn’t make sense to me. I was convinced the little thing I was holding was a boy. And now I can’t imagine being the mother of a girl. Hopefully I will be in the future. But as I sit here and Silas sleeps on my chest it makes perfect sense that I am the mother of a boy. And, as I’ve said before, I hope he grows up to be just like Stephen. I’ll be a lucky woman indeed to have two nice Irish men around.

Two good boys


3 comments on “Boys, boys, boys

  1. Bec
    June 9, 2010

    ohhh… SUCH!! Cute pics kimmo… and cute stories too… it’s nice to hear the story of mistaking your little guy for a little gal… Glad to hear you’re enjoying him.

  2. Ellidh
    June 9, 2010

    And I totally had the exact same reaction when I read inashoe!

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