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It’s here!

It’s here! Silas Patrick Reid is here! The cutest baby in the world has arrived! My firstborn son, the mixture of me and my husband, the one who will carry on the hallowed Reid name!

Oh wait, I’ve already written about that hey. I could write more, and I’m sure I will. But something else is here! It’s just hard for me to relate to because I haven’t interacted with normal society for 12 days. It is the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

The countdown’s have ended, or now they are counting down the hours to the first game. For the last few days Vuvuzela’s and car horns have been blown inexplicably, at all hours. And I know that without even having gone outside. There’s been parades and concerts which have looked incredible, at least from my vantage point of the internet. I’m sure being there in Sandton or Soweto would have been amazing.

And tonight Bafana Bafana play their first game of the tournament, against Mexico. They have done well in the last few friendly games, beating the likes of Columbia and other ‘top’ teams. All of this has no doubt buoyed their spirits, and the spirits of the country. I hope they win.

I must admit, I’m pretty worried about it all. Not just the skill of Bafana, but the entire World Cup. I’m worried that the slightest thing that goes wrong will generate a swathe of attention from the media about all the problems with South Africa. I’m worried that crime, poverty and beggars will be the focus, rather than the soccer itself or the innate good things about South Africa.

It would be awesome if Bafana won, the whole thing, even just a couple of games. And of course I would love to see Australia do well, and France bomb because they robbed Ireland of a spot. But I also just want the nation to do well, and to turn back the tide on some of the bad press that South Africa, and particularly Jozi attract.


2 comments on “It’s here!

  1. Mim
    June 11, 2010

    There has been lots of focus on crime in South Africa, on TV over here in Australia. I hope once the games start they start focusing on other things. I hope all the horns beeping and other noise isn’t disrupting your *little* sleep too much!!!!
    Enjoy Silas 🙂

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