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Now I feel nothing

It’s come and gone. The World Cup is over. Now I have a TV but no desire to watch it. I will miss the tourists. I will miss the tension. I will miss the late nights.

During the last four weeks I have tried and failed to write about the soccer. Both lack of skill and sleep and constant interruptions from a cute baby have rendered my efforts pointless. I had so many good ideas. But now it’s the 12th of July and it’s too late to start.

Where the World Cup and South Africa succeeded I have failed. Better it be like that than the other way around. I feel like the chance to comment on something amazing happening in my own country has passed me by. At the start I was so amped. Now I feel nothing. Just misery that it is over.

I did at least take some photos when I watched Ghana v Australia in Rustenburg…..


One comment on “Now I feel nothing

  1. David
    July 13, 2010

    Dear Kim,

    I cannot imagine what it would have been like to be in SA for the World Cup, let alone going to a match. What was the atmosphere like at the Australia v Ghana game?

    Have all the fans left now? Or is there still a remnant lurking around?


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