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Brixton in Spring

This morning Silas and I went on another glorious walk around my neighbourhood. We spoke to the lady who has the children’s home in Fulham Rd, the old man who lives near the tennis courts (whose name I have discovered is Ben) and two cute little girls dressed in identical sailor suits. I so wanted to take their photo but didn’t want to be an annoying white person. I admired nice and strange architecture, enjoyed the beautiful view from the edge of Kingston Frost and contributed to the assortment of people on the streets, even the strange man who sang “you are beautiful” as I walked by.

Spring has seemed very fast in Joburg. It sprung and that was it. We have been enjoying very fine weather, it’s been unseasonably hot even. I went for a walk a couple of weeks ago in Brixton and marvelled at the Spring blossoms that had come out all over the trees. They were truly spectacular. I took my camera a couple of days later but the blossoms had already been fried by the overly hot sun and were looking rather droopy. Now they are all but gone and the fresh, lime coloured leaves have taken their place on the boughs. While I don’t have any of the really spectacular blossom trees, I did manage to snap these today…


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