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Claim to fame

In case you missed it me, Silas and the blog featured on the City Press website a few weeks ago.

Thanks to my intrepid friend Grace, whose job I covet, Silas has made it into print, on the web at least. Here’s the link…

When Stephen saw the story he commented that the photo looks like it is taken at a Grandma’s house – courtesy of the lamp and floral cushion covers. For an architect he does lack some style.

The one that didn't make it to print

While I think I come across as a little annoying, Grace’s writing saves the day. She’s also written about the experiences of a Burundian and a Rwandan living in South Africa.

Have a read…. here and here.


2 comments on “Claim to fame

  1. Mim
    October 4, 2010

    I think it’s a great article, you don’t come across as annoying! Lovely photo too, especially of Silas grinning 🙂

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