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How it went down

This is what we did this side for Christmas…..

We went to a wedding on Christmas Eve eve.

In our Sunday best

We went gift shopping on Christmas Eve – never again.

Silas met his first cousin, one of many.

Silas and Timothy

We ate guiness glazed ham, roast lamb, chicken mango salad, octopus salad and various other delicacies.

There was a cute kitty that Silas harrassed. He had no fear of the feline.

Kitty handfuls

We didn’t get Silas a present. In all fairness Stephen and I didn’t get each other one either, so we forced Silas to join the frugality. But Trevor gave him one. It was a cute bear.

The bear tasted nice

Stephen looked saucy in the t-shirt from his sister. Our tree was a holly bush from the garden. I wanted to get a real Christmas tree but didn’t know where to look. I could only find a place online that sold them for ZAR1500. I didn’t want one that much.

Work it

In the spirit of Seinfeld’s Festivus Silas performed some feats of strength.


And there was a beautiful sunset.

Just a typical dusk sky in Joburg


2 comments on “How it went down

  1. Jenny
    December 28, 2010

    Hey we missed you!! Love your holly Christmas tree – that’s a great substitute especially for a zar 1500 tree!! My kids keep talking about Silas, it’s very cute. They can’t wait to meet him!!

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