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A bigger claim to fame

Too busy with my own boasting I have failed to boast on behalf of my husband (which also happens to count for me).

A project Stephen was an integral part of, the Optic Garden, was featured recently on ArchDaily a website for architects and those interested in architecture. It details different work from around the world and is actually pretty interesting. Apparently it’s the most visited website for architects.

The Optic Garden really is a cool project. If you live in Joburg take a drive from Wits to Hillbrow along Houghton Drive and have a look. It’s best appreciated at night.

We went to the opening of it back in lateish 2009. It was pretty cool, though I felt my inferiority to the cool architects. But it was cool when taxi drivers kept stopping and asking for a beer. And the food was good too.

While you’re at it check out the website of the company Stephen works for – 26’10 South Architects That’s the location of Johannesburg, clever hey. Lots of the models featured on the site Stephen was involved in making, as well as the broader projects they represent. What a clever man I somehow managed to score.


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