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Another attempt……

My previous attempt at soliciting writers for kimlovesjozi seems to have failed. I had only a few positive replies, and none of those have materialised into a post yet (though I still hope they will). I know you’re all busy, but who isn’t? Hopeless. Get writing.

I’ve often considered instituting a themed day for kimlovesjozi. Other blogs do things like ‘Recipe Plan Monday’ where they share what they plan on cooking each day for that week. Exciting? I’m impressed they are able to plan that far in advance. So I am going to have an Opinion day where an author expresses an opinion about something in particular. I suppose most will be written by me, but I am hoping that others will express their opinions too. Since there is no day of the week that starts with ‘O’ I am going to call it ‘Slice o’ Opinion Pie Sunday’ which I think is suitably convoluted.

Please write. If you have a particular opinion about something (anything! Politics, an aspect of Christianity or another religion, parenting, life in Joburg or anywhere else, culture, society etc) please write about it, you may even find it very helpful for refining your thinking. It would need to be an opinion that you can then back up with information, rather than just spouts of thought. If you want to write about something else that’s not opinion based, you can do that too!

Hopefully this Sunday will be the first ‘Slice o’ Opinion Pie Sunday’, but that may be up to you….


4 comments on “Another attempt……

  1. mjcache
    January 5, 2011

    Hope u start something with Opinion Pie. Bestaluck

  2. jg
    January 5, 2011

    I like reading your blogs there cool! some good stuff.
    I have a couple of blogs on google and word press you might find interesting.
    One of them is Fixed gear bicycles on google and word press.
    Just throwing that out there.

    Thanks For the good reading.

  3. Ellie
    January 5, 2011

    I sent you an email last week – did you get it? x

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