Scary stories from a lovely place

Storms to the north

In early January Stephen and I went north to Bela-bela for a few days. It was lovely, and despite critics saying it would be too hot, it wasn’t. And there was a pool and lovely rain each day so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

On the way we chased a spectacular storm. At one point we had to pull off the highway because the rain was so heavy and the water around us so thick.

There have been so many crazy storms lately. Hundreds have died in Brazil and a handful in Australia and now here in South Africa. On Monday a fireman died trying to rescue people in Centurion who were being taken away by the raging Hennops river. The same fireman rescued people from the flooding in December. He’s the first Tshwane fireman to die while doing his job. So much rain has fallen. For years I’ve been praying that the drought in Australia would break, giving the farmers some relief. Does all the rainfall mean that has happened now?

Here in Joburg there’s a bit of a problem with acid water underground because of all the mining. When that acid water breaks the surface and enters the river system that’s when the problem becomes a disaster. I heard yesterday that the level of water under Joburg is 50 metres higher than it was this time last year. The scientist was predicting that the acid water would become a problem at the end of this year. With all this rain the thought of the old mines filling up beneath me and overflowing is a bit frightening.

Nature really just does what it wants.


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