Scary stories from a lovely place

Jozi vs Lagos

(Today’s post is written by Levy Mpyana, one of my favourite people in Joburg. Levy is from Limpopo, in the north of South Africa. Enjoy the photos at the end of the post that Levy took of Jozi at night.)

Levy in the white jacket encouraging school kids to dance

On the 1st of February I will be in the city of Lagos, Nigeria – one of the most chaotic cities that you can find in Africa.

Those who have been there before say everything is running at a double rate of what you see in Johannesburg. Double rate? Traffic is the worst in Jozi. “Well it’s twice what you see“ a colleague said. Almost all my colleagues who have been there don’t want to go back, some went as far as making sure their visas don’t get approved. I have lived in Jozi for the past seven years, I am sure I can survive Lagos.

If you’re from a rural area where everything seems far from the new start of life that you wish for, you’ll totally agree that Johannesburg is the place to be at.

While some find the place glamorous, others curse the day they ended up in the big city of Egoli. Jozi as they call it, can give you various reasons to hate it. The traffic, the crime and the large population. Most people think of Joburg as their start in the world of business while some are just terrified of the place.

I have experienced the crime and so have most other people I know, but luckily we all lived to talk about it. However being robbed by some stupid idiot isn’t something I am planning to tell my grandkids. I am one of those people who feel like it could all have been avoided had I been smarter.

Finding cheap clothing is the best part about down town Jozi. Otherwise most will be relaxing in Eastgate, Maponya or Sandton City buying quality labels.

The traffic is a disaster, moving from one place to another and you discover that everyone else decided to move in the same direction at the same time as you. So if you are travelling in peak traffic, bumper to bumper it helps to have some good music handy.

When coming to transportation, one would agree that taxis are the most reliable and affordable transportation system. Yes, the drivers might be rude at points but they get you to your final destination moving from one lane to another (every lane is a fast lane for these guys) to get you to the office on time.

A couple of months in Lagos, i just wonder…..

To be continued …in Lagos.


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