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Making stuff and selling stuff

Lately I’ve been trying to make stuff, out of other stuff. First I made a skirt out of some fabric that I brought here from Australia, that I bought at an Op-Shop in about 2002. Then I started making a skirt out of a dress that I decided was a bit shapeless. I wore it while I was just pregnant with Silas and a guy asked me if I had started to buy really baggy clothes because of that. I replied that no, I had owned the dress for years. We were both embarrassed. So I decided to modify. But then I found out I was pregnant with Silas x2 and realised a zippered skirt, as the previous one was, wouldn’t be satisfactory. This week I finished it with an elastic waist. I added 4 pleats to the back and 2 to the front to take out some of the replete bagginess. The result is okay. On Friday, while pushing Silas in the stroller, some guy whistled at me, so the skirt must be working for someone.

The skirt in action

I’ve also been trying to make some baby jumpsuit things for Silas (you know that are a t-shirt but with undies attached and they button in the crotch?). I’ve made a pattern and unstitched two of my old t-shirts but have realised that they are just slightly too small to make size 6-12 month jumpsuits. I guess my torso is not quite the length of Silas’ body. But with some slight pattern modification I’m sure it will be fine. I’ve been inspired by this blog by my old friend Annie to make new clothes out of old, rather than buy more. It’s logical really.

Back in December I made a blanket for my mum out of wool that Ellie sent me from the UK. It’s a sail boat design because mum loves anything nautical.

Sail away blanket

Again, the result was okay, because I’m not great at knitting, but mum seemed satisfied. I’ve started knitting another blanket out of my stash. I don’t want to take a box of bits of balls of wool back to Australia. I brought most of it here. It seems crazy to take it back again. The new blanket is a checkered pattern with a tree design on each second square and a green border in moss stitch. I do like moss stitch. So far it’s looking better than I thought it would, so maybe it won’t be as ‘okay’ as my other knitting and sewing attempts.

And I’ve started selling stuff. Stephen and I are moving back to Australia later this year. We don’t exactly know when. Nevertheless we’ve started to sell some of our stuff on gumtree. So far we’ve moved a dressing table, my sad old bike and a car jack. Hopefully we will sell everything else as time rolls on. It’s pretty awkward when a total stranger comes in and purveys your possessions and then proceeds to negotiate for them. I’m a fairly sentimental person, so I don’t enjoy this process, even though the object being bargained for is just a thing. All of our furniture and some of our appliances are second hand and I like the idea that they are going back into the orbit of the second hand world. I’ve always loved a good second hand shop purchase or donation and this feels like that, in the confines of our own home.

All of this making and selling means Silas and I feel rather productive which is a change from our head banging, raspberrying, walking to the park routine.


6 comments on “Making stuff and selling stuff

  1. ellidhcook
    February 10, 2011

    Amazing! Is that skirt made from the dress that you used to always have to wear with a t-shirt over the top?
    It’s lovely!

    • kimlovesjozi
      February 10, 2011

      No, it’s another one! You remember funny things 🙂

  2. Malvina
    February 10, 2011

    Good work Kim. Didn’t realize you’re moving back to Australia. Hope all goes well as you progress towards that.

    • kimlovesjozi
      February 10, 2011

      Thanks Malvina. We are looking forward to coming back, but also really sad about leaving here of course.

  3. Lorna
    February 10, 2011

    Love it! I have a niece who does the same kind of thing – she made one of her favourite skirts from a shapeless dress that she bought for a few rand from a charity shop xxx

  4. craftythrifterinnz
    September 15, 2012

    Great stuff – recently a friend made me a summer dressing gown from a duvet cover she bought in a charity shop. It’s lovely and cool and oh, so comfortable.

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