Scary stories from a lovely place

The Metro Police strike again

This morning I was stopped at a Metro Police road block. This would normally strike utmost fear into me, particularly after reading a recent story about a policeman charged with raping a woman. But today I was rather calm. I knew all my papers were in order.

Officer Shabangu was very kind, and might I add, rather flirtatious. I produced my Australian driver’s license. When he saw that it was foreign I also produced my traffic registration papers, which are a little faded, but still contain matching information. He then proceeded to quiz me on my impressions of South Africa and how long I planned on staying. He asked me what I did for work and where my office was. He inquired as to where I lived and if I owned the house. At this stage I dropped in the word ‘husband’ and he seemed satisfied to end the conversation there, but not before encouraging me to become a citizen of South Africa.

It seems as though the Metro Police are always in trouble for something. A few weeks ago I wrote about an incident where they had attempted to steal spilled liquor from a truck while they should have been making the scene safe for passersby. Just yesterday some Metro Police officers got into a punch up with SAPS (normal police) officers who were attempting to move their illegally parked cars. And the Metro Police strikes are as notorious as they are ubiquitous.

All things considered, my interaction with Officer Shabangu this morning was nothing but pleasant.


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