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Two years ago today

Today is Stephen and my 2 year wedding anniversary. It’s also the anniversary of my friend’s Boom and Mbali who confessed mutual love and attraction after our wedding and got married in December last year. Good work guys.

Looking back, our wedding was a good day. It was actually really fun. If I could do it all again, I would do a lot of things differently. I wouldn’t invite half the people we did. I would make it more intimate. I would have it in a restaurant, good food and wine, no dancing please. I would have spent less time taking photos (though they are awesome). I would still marry the same person.

I think the wedding photos are the best I have ever seen, though I’m clearly biased. We didn’t have a professional photographer, but rather a friend who knew what he was doing. First we went to an unfinished building to the east of Hillbrow that had an amazing view of the city (look at the banner, see what I mean?) It comprises of two levels of concrete slabs, joined by a very dodgy staircase. The slab sits on the edge of an incline, which drops away into a bushy mess. As we posed on the edge I noticed about 5 guys washing themselves. They were all naked. Then they got underneath a large piece of plastic. It was pretty weird. Another side of the slab edges onto empty blocks of grassy land. Lots of people were singing and praying and having church.

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Then we walked along Nelson Mandela Bridge. Ladies walking past started singing and celebrating with us. We got busted by a security guard for moving a road sign so that it could be in our pictures. A homeless man accosted us and asked for money as we were getting back into our fancy car. We didn’t give him any. He was suitably peeved. Strangely, later that year, the same guy spoke to us outside 44 Stanley when I had a stall at a fresh food market. Stephen was carrying a tray of delicately iced muffins. Again he didn’t give the guy any cash, rather gifted him one of my baked wares. This time I was the one who was annoyed.

Two years isn’t a very long time. It has gone quickly, even though in that time we have made two children and met one of them. People are often surprised how young we are (not very) and how short a time we have been married to have two babies. Most of our peers wait until they are a few years into marriage and a bit older before starting on the children. I realised the other day that there’s nothing we would have done in the last two years (like travel or whatever) if we hadn’t had children. I’m glad we’ve used the two years the way we have. Though I wish we had spent more time together in that first year. We were too busy with work and church and being tired to have fun together. We have more fun now.

Amazingly three years ago I had only just met Stephen, and frankly, didn’t think much of him. Four years ago, in 2007 I had no idea such a wonderful person even existed. Later in that year I heard about him, but didn’t think much of it, as you wouldn’t when someone’s name is just passed in conversation. But Stephen was thinking about me. He even looked at my facebook profile and started listening to Radiohead and researching post-colonial theory in an effort to know what I was all about. Creepy. But I’m glad he made the effort, because the last two years have been pretty good.

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5 comments on “Two years ago today

  1. Malvina
    March 7, 2011

    Happy anniversary to you both. What a wonderful time.

  2. Bec
    March 9, 2011

    Happy Anniversary Kim and Stephen… gosh it all goes fast… although as you say you have made 2 children in that time… which really is a great achievement!

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