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Is it because it’s like a car crash?

Well, it would appear that people love birth stories. This has surprised me. I thought they would be too graphic. My post yesterday about my nephew Charlie’s birth as written by my sister was very popular. 125 people read it. Since I have been posting each day in March around 60 people have been reading each day. Before that I averaged anywhere between 20 and 40. Charlie spiked the stats! I enjoy reading them too, if they are interesting and not painfully long. Some I have read go on and on into a lot of detail. I knew that Jenny’s would be fine because she’s isn’t naturally a boring person and also she had such a fast labour there wasn’t much more to tell!

Here is a link to some other birth stories, some are good, some too long, some very sad, some with too much detail. But if you liked reading about Charlie’s birth, this might continue to sate your appetite. And you could also read Silas’ birth story, which I struggled to keep brief.

I read a pretty frightening article yesterday about birth injuries. I was going to provide the link but I have decided not to because it is awful. I am starting to feel nervous about my upcoming delivery in July and reading that article didn’t help matters. I am all for natural childbirth, but afterward I want as much pain relief and intervention as possible!


3 comments on “Is it because it’s like a car crash?

  1. Jenny
    March 11, 2011

    I was exactly the same – reading heaps of birth stories. I don’t know if it’s helpful but I couldn’t help it. I even (and I shouldn’t admit this) looked up birth videos on youtube. That’s even less helpful and more like a car crash!! I made myself stop that though, it was too scary.

    • eneferri
      March 17, 2011

      Great to hear you’re avoiding those kinds of stories. When I was pregnant I realised all the stories I’d heard about birth – from my older sisters – were of the ‘car accident’ variety. I think they dramatized for effect, but clearly they hadn’t had positive experiences, and no wonder, since they were different times, when birthing women were made to lie on their backs with their feet in stirrups etc. Concerned about this, I bought a book on self-hypnosis (mentioned by a girlfriend who raved about it as preparation for a positive birth experience). It changed my life. Just one relaxation session a day using the positive ‘script’ you prepare for yourself, makes all the difference in the days leading up to the birth. It’s a kind of re-programming. I was sceptical but it performed wonders for me, my husband and baby boy.

      • kimlovesjozi
        March 18, 2011

        I read a similar book that a neighbour gave me. I must admit I didn’t learn the hypnosis program or go to the classes but the book was the most helpful thing I read in terms of helping me understand the stages of labour and that it doesn’t have to be a horrible thing, but it’s natural. It was much more helpful than all the other things I looked at, which again admittedly wasn’t much. I agree with the ‘re-programming’ notion. That is important when it comes to something like labour and delivery that has such a bad reputation.

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