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Silas swims

We took Silas swimming on Sunday to the free pool at Roosevelt Park. It’s a great spot. It’s free, the water is warm, there’s a responsible lifeguard, grass, shade and clean toilets.

The pool was busy but not packed. There were lots of kids trying to drown each other and boys giving each other wedgies. One of the bigger boys was too rough and ripped another boys swimmers. At this point the lifeguard intervened and told him “you don’t undress other boys”. The kid shrugged and tried to act innocent while brandishing handfuls of torn lycra. No one was convinced.

Silas loved it. He’s been swimming quite a lot so has no fear of the water. He laughed a lot when one of us went under water and came back up right in front of his face. It also wore him out nicely so that he had one of the best sleeps ever on Sunday night. I then planned to take him every day. Alas the perfect weather had other plans and it has been raining since.


4 comments on “Silas swims

  1. eliza keating
    March 15, 2011

    both my kids love to swim…and are pretty good swimmers…it is a great feeling seeing the delight on a child face..when they first go swimming…Eliza Keating

    • kimlovesjozi
      March 18, 2011

      Thanks for reading. I’m intrigued by the idea of actually properly teaching my son to swim, from this age. I saw a book about taking them underwater but I can’t imagine doing that. I wouldn’t know how to get Silas to hold his breath and would be concerned that he would panic. As he grows up though I know there will be more opportunities for him to develop this skill.

      • Jenny
        March 20, 2011

        I don’t know this for sure, but my theory from having taken two through swimming lessons is that you can’t teach a baby to properly swim. I don’t think they have the physical capacity or strength. We started cam, as very diligent first time parents, at about 1 in a babies class. We did the silly songs and games and no doubt it was lots of fun for him, and help acclimatize him to water. We then waited with Siena until she was old enough to do lessons without a parent in the water. I can tell you now that she is a much stronger and more capable swimmer, and only now at almost 4 is she really starting to do something that resembles real swimming.

        So with only the voice of experience, and no scientific evidence to back me up (sorry), I think that babies should be taken in (and under) the water often from as young as possible to get them used to it and remove fear. And it should be fun! And then kids should begin proper lessons at about 2.5 to 3.

  2. Jenny
    March 16, 2011

    Squeezy cheeks…

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