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The Eleventh Hour

(This is a guest post written by Stephen Reid).

For the past few weeks I’ve been glued to the internet more than normal. I check it in the morning when I’m eating breakfast and again at lunch. There has been a barrage of news. Egypt, Libya, Japan – it just keeps coming.

There’s something about a country who are willing to stand up to their ‘leaders’ that fascinates me. It’s inspiring and thrilling. The world watched with bated breath the protests in Tahir square in Cairo, and the subsequent ousting of the President, Hosni Mubarak. And now I can’t keep myself away from the news websites.

The international community sure took their time but are now hammering Libya. I guess in my armchair I can only imagine the feeling of terror and certain death that was engulfing the rebels in Benghazi last week Thursday. But tears filled my eyes as I heard of the UN resolution and as France began to enforce it and destroy military vehicles trying to enter Benghazi.

We were told that the people of Benghazi had literally been delivered from the jaws of death, and by the looks on their faces it seemed so.

The Rebels praised the French saying that they had stood by them and had come good on their promises. I don’t know how this conflict will end. It may not. It might drag on for years or it might be over in two weeks. But I do know that there’s nothing quite like someone coming through for you at the eleventh hour, and as I watched the news websites I shared in that joy and relief.

The cynics and realists among us can point to Libya’s oil reserves and say that’s why the West is attacking Gadahfi. But for the people of Benghazi, tonight they can sleep, and for now I don’t think they care why.


One comment on “The Eleventh Hour

  1. Ian Franke
    March 20, 2011

    Great post Stephen. I am fascinated by the changing attitudes by people who have lived under constant repression, their new-found courage and the, eventual, willingness of the West to help them. Sadly there are too many nations under such rule. Where will it end?

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