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Silas sleeps

A Kimlovesjozi reader who I have never had the pleasure of meeting recently asked me to write a follow up post of different things I have talked about in the past on the blog. One of the things was Silas’ sleeping patterns. I wrote about the way he was sleeping in July and November last year.

These days he sleeps well. Generally he goes to sleep sometime between 18h30 and 20h00. Sometimes we put him down and he goes to sleep without much trouble, other times he gets stressed and we pick him up and one of us rocks him to sleep. Sometimes this frustrates me but lately I have been really enjoying holding him and watching him as he drifts off. Usually though it’s a bit of a tussle before he realises who is stronger. He struggles and squirms but eventually the adult wins.

He wakes up, again generally, anytime between 05h00 and 07h00. I don’t usually feed him in the night anymore but sometimes he wakes and I do. Again, we go between finding this frustrating and just accepting it. We’re never up for long though, he goes back to sleep quickly. Though if I have fed him in the night and then he is awake at 05h00 for the day that feels unfair! I have learned to embrace those early morning hours. Silas and I usually see Stephen off for work at 06h45 (poor full time workers) and then go for a walk down to Auckland Park and back again.

Rugged up and ready to walk

During the day Silas sleeps in the morning and the afternoon, depending on what we’re doing. If we go out or someone visits it gets a bit messed up. Sometimes Silas falls asleep on the morning walk or in the car. Usually though he sleeps in the morning for about 1.5 or 2 hours, though he has gone up to 4 which is a bit crazy. And in the afternoon it is usually shorter than this. I generally just rock him to sleep because I can’t be bothered putting him down and getting him up again.

Post-walk sleep

And that’s about it. I’m not that tired these days, and if I am it can probably be attributed to a combination of playing with one baby and growing another at the same time. Even nights feel normal now. It’s going to change again post July, but we know more of what to expect this time.

Sometimes when I have been frustrated with Silas’ apparent lack of routine I google baby routines for his age. But it’s never proved to be that useful. People’s routines with their baby seem so rigidly perfect and unattainable for me and Silas. Some even say stuff like “baby wakes at 9am, signs for the toilet, I take him and he urinates”. Madness! Or “baby goes to sleep at 6pm and wakes at 10am”. Other babies seem to eat a lot and be drinking copious ounces of formula all day. And the baby never expresses a desire to do things differently. Where are these perfect babies?

Busted not sleeping

I hope the above routine Silas and I have managed to broker doesn’t sound intimidating like that. It really is very flexible and rough. But he’s cute, which is the main thing.


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