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More Sentimental Sales

Since writing about the sentimental sale of my beloved Laoliu bike, we have sold a number of other items.

There was Stephen’s iPod Docker that cost 15 pounds at a supermarket in Cockermouth, England. It went to an Afrikaans guy who I met at Cresta. He was cool and didn’t bargain with me.

Then there was our sweet dressing table that we bought at the Russian furniture store in the Brixton High Street. We sold it to a lovely man named Matthew who also bought our wooden clothes horse and a car jack. He came one evening to look at the dressing table and paid me full price for it and said he’d be back to collect. I didn’t hear from him for weeks and then he arrived at 6am one Saturday morning with his nephew’s bakkie (ute). He wandered around our house asking how much different things cost. He also really wants to buy my car. He’s awesome.

We’ve probably sold most of our stuff to another guy who I’ve been emailing. He wants to buy our beds, couches, fridge, microwave, washing machine – the list goes on. I hope he comes good on his side of the deal.

Last Saturday we went to meet a lady who wanted to buy our humidifier. She was coming from Benoni (which is like travelling from West Richmond to Sydney to buy something second-hand). She said in an sms she was happy to pay full price if it was in good condition, which it is. But then when we met she wanted to bargain, but I wasn’t having any of it. She wanted to pay R250 instead of R300. I have two other people interested so I wasn’t going to budge. So she didn’t buy it! She (apparently) drove all the way from Benoni for this but didn’t take it. I don’t understand people.

All of this selling has made it possible for me to finally buy Stephen an espresso maker for our anniversary from the overrated coffee shop Bean There. I decided to give them another try and phoned to see if they had the thing I wanted. The lady I spoke to said she was pretty sure they did but would check and phone me back in a few minutes. She didn’t phone me back for two hours and by then I couldn’t wait anymore. I was out dropping some food at a friend’s house so I decided to go by 44 Stanley and have hope that Bean There weren’t punks. Well they screwed me again. The lady I spoke to was relaxing on a chair when I arrived – not still checking the stock room – and told me they didn’t have what I wanted.

So I sourced one in Illovo and drove to collect it. There was sheeting rain all the way home on the highway, but it was worth it, because I finally had my excellent husband’s anniversary present.


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