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Saturday = Men for the Master

Every Saturday morning, somewhere in South Africa an unknown number of men get together for breakfast and who knows what else. The morning is called ‘Men for the Master’. I am predicting they are Christians and that this group is connected to some church, somewhere. I’m only guessing though, it just sounds like the kind of thing Christians would do together. But that’s just an assumption. Perhaps they’re a group of South African Chinese communists. Or maybe they all really love the cricketer, Sachin Tendaulkar and get together to practice the moves of the ‘Little Master’.

How do I know what I know about ‘Men for the Master’? Why am I assuming the rest? Because somehow I have unwittingly become a silent member. I do know that there are also members named Ernest, George, Howard, Gerry, Greg, Mark, and of course Kim. I’ve never been to a meeting, and I don’t even know what it’s all about.

But, during the week I receive an sms reminding me that ‘Men for the Master’ is on Saturday. I am informed of venue changes, who is cooking breakfast and upcoming special events.

I get an sms like this at least once a week

Owing to my ekklesiastical (is that the right word? – as in church) superstition I’ve done a little investigating. So far I’ve discovered two churches in South Africa that have a group called ‘Men for the Master’. Neither group is the one I am a member of, and therefore I haven’t been able to get myself off the annoying sms list. It must be a popular name for a men’s ministry group – who knows how many there are, church or otherwise.

On the 12th March I was on the roster to provide breakfast.

The breakfast roster

I put some thought into it. Once Stephen organised a men’s ministry meeting at church (no cool name though) and because I’m a nice wife, got up at the crack of Saturday dawn to cook scrambled eggs, sausages and then rushed out to buy rolls when the supermarket opened. But I didn’t put in any such effort on the 12th. I don’t actually remember what I was doing in the morning. I went to a lovely wedding in the afternoon. Kimlovesjozi reflects an excellent post written by Stephen about his late Grandfather.

I hope the ‘Men for the Master’ meeting was okay, even though I didn’t come through on the breakfast.


2 comments on “Saturday = Men for the Master

  1. Jenny
    March 26, 2011

    Poor Kim has probably been excommunicated.

    • kimlovesjozi
      March 27, 2011

      You’d think so, but I’m still on the bloody sms list.

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