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It’s the end of the month!

One of the problems with writing a blog post (almost) every day is that sometimes I worry when a post is particularly good that it doesn’t get enough air-time when there’s a new one following along the very next day. I would hate for posts that are better than average to be subsumed into a huddle of not so good ones.

In that spirit here are some of the better posts I and others have written recently in case you missed them.

2nd March
– I wrote about Stephen’s thrify goodness

7th March – Stephen and my two year anniversary

9th March – My sister Jenny wrote the birth story of her newest son, Charlie

11th March – A review of Radiohead’s latest album, ‘King of Limbs’

12th March
– Stephen wrote about his grandfather who passed away at the beginning of the month

16th March – A guest post by Grace Moaisi on Jozi taxi drivers

18th March
– Silas and my day out at Brightwater Commons

19th March – A piece on the origin of Silas’ name

24th March – On living with a sleep talker


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