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(I’m posting this from Kuala Lumpar airport on my way to Sydney.)

Saying goodbye is a pretty weird experience. Especially when in most cases I’m saying goodbye to people I won’t ever see again. And if I did get that opportunity, I have no idea when it would be. It’s weird to be really involved in people’s lives, to see them regularly, to do mundane and more meaningful things together, and then one day just to say goodbye and know it’s the last one. I have struggled to muster more than an everyday goodbye. I don’t know what it is to say goodbye and it be for ever.

As I’ve farewelled people over the last weeks I have often sought to say something profound and meaningful, but I feel like I have struggled to make it sound authentic, even though it absolutely is. There are some people whom I haven’t had the opportunity to see, and I certainly would have liked to say goodbye to them too. Others, it doesn’t matter.

When I came to Joburg in February 2008 I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong in just about every estimation I had made of myself and this place. There have been many, many good as well as unpleasant surprises. This blog isn’t the place to rehash the details of those experiences, and most of them are too personal and sometimes too painful to push into orbit on the internet.

Looking east from the Carlton Centre, across Newtown to Brixton, Sentech Tower in the distance

I will certainly miss Joburg. Leaving was an easy decision for me, but I am sad to go. I am sad to say those difficult, intangible goodbyes. I will mourn routines and aspects of life that can’t be replicated in a place like Sydney.

I’m glad that I am taking Stephen and Silas with me. They are my best friends and my funny, little international family. If I were going home without them it would be weirder, harder to slot back into life in Australia. My life now revolves around them and with the incoming of Silas x2 just 8 weeks around the corner I will be more and more subsumed into their needs. They are my Joburg ambassadors – Stephen who made this crazy place his home, and Silas who was born here. To remember and relive the good of life here I will just have to spend time with them.

The boys in Kingston Frost Park, Brixton at sunset

A lot of people have asked me if I will change this blog, or change the name of it. I’m not going to. I would rather just end it than change it to KimlovesOz or something gross like that. So it will remain as it is. There are still things about life in Joburg I want to write about. But Kimlovesjozi will naturally lose some of its lustre, as I feel it already has over the last month or so that I have been so preoccupied with moving away. I hope some of its soul can be retained as it morphs into something separate from the way it began life.


2 comments on “KimLeavesJozi

  1. Malvina
    May 15, 2011

    Continue to hope and pray all goes well with your journey, and settling into Australia.

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