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In light of my upcoming induction this week (which is now on Friday, not Wednesday) Stephen and I have been getting into some preparations for the new addition to our family. This morning Silas was asleep and Stephen was at the library so I took the opportunity to get the new bedroom ready. But instead of using gender neutral coloured paint, cot sheets and a distracting mobile I cracked out the hose, some old cardboard, a pizza box and sugar cane mulch.

The other day Stephen and I were walking past a nearby home who had arranged a council clean up of some of their useless stuff that houses become stocked with. Along with the stereotypical mattress and 90’s lounge suite there was a beautiful worm farm. It’s in great condition and is exactly the one we had been looking at on ebay in anticipation of purchasing. So this morning I was putting down some good bedding material in the bottom layer and getting it ready for some worms.

This afternoon we bought 1000 compost worms from a hardware store and ordered a replacement tap which was the only broken thing on the farm. The supplier offered to send it to me free of charge. If I believed that God’s will extended even to the pettiest and immaterial parts of our lives (like worm farms) I might think that he was really ‘opening the way’ for us to compost and fertilise. Rather I think we are just living in a place where a) everyone owns too much stuff and b) composting and worm farms are common and encouraged.

Now our 1000 new children are wriggling away in their plastic home under the house, feasting on potato and pumpkin peelings, earl grey tea leaves and wet newspaper. We look forward to the bounty of dirt and fertiliser that will abound in the coming months.


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