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Baby action

An update is in order. But I don’t have much to say. I’ve hardly even been on the internet. I am in baby action mode. While pregnant with Oisín I didn’t really consider what two babies meant. I did realise it would be intense. And busy. But I didn’t consider that two babies meant two times the washing, two times the nappies, two times the tears, I only thought about two times the cuteness. It must be so much harder with twins. At least my two times are at different stages.

I’ve got more interesting posts in draft mode. But for now….

Silas is super funny and cute and chunky. He keeps grabbing Oisín and trying to drag him off the couch. He loves guys and climbing stairs and expresses excitement with full body vibrations and dinosaur noises. He’s getting up at 5am.

Oisín looks a bit Indian, has lovely soft skin and I am overwhelmed by the depth of my feelings for him. He’s a bit needy though, likes to co-sleep.

I am reading interesting books during night time feedings. One about parenting boys. One about Rwanda. One about marriage. Stephen is also reading. Mainly motorbike and spear-fishing genres, but also ‘Tomorrow, when the war began’.

The weather here in sunny Wombarra has been amazing. Flat ocean. Blue sky. Warm, healing winter sunshine. Whales migrating north. Cockatoos threatening at the window.

And that’s about all.


One comment on “Baby action

  1. Brigitte
    July 6, 2011

    Congratulations Kim! They both look so cute. Missing you guys very much. Give a big cuddle and kiss to both for me, and say hello to Stephen. Much, much love from the hills 🙂

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