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Twenty Eight

Yesterday I turned 28. Up until the last couple of years I always had such grand hopes for my birthday. That’s true of any child. My mum used to help me plan parties and sleep-overs to celebrate, and then when I was a teenager and young adult I planned them myself, sometimes with the help of friends. Now that I have children to plan birthday celebrations for I care a little less about how spectacular my own are.

But, of course, I still hope it will be cool, and that those around me will do cool things. And yesterday they did. Silas was up at about 5 but then went back to sleep a few hours later – before I had emerged for the day. This meant Stephen could come back to bed and join Oisín and I for a pseudo-sleep in – the closest we’ll get anyway.

At noon we went to Mt Keira to enjoy the view on an amazingly clear day and have lunch.

South of Wollongong

Such a lovely day necessitated a stop at the Wollongong Harbour to admire the pelicans and for Silas to play at the cool park. He just went up and down the stairs though, which we could have done anywhere.

Grand pelican

Annoyingly I had requested Stephen not buy me any presents so instead he told me he was going to cook a three course meal for dinner. We planned to have it after Silas had gone to bed, but a cold ridden boy wasn’t going to take that lying down. Eventually he joined us for the most of the meal and only went to bed after a considerable wrestling fight with Stephen and I. Oisín slept peacefully on the couch throughout the whole evening – newborns are so easy.


The three course meal consisted of antipasto with camembert, blue vein and Mersey Valley cheese for entree, penne with creamy chicken and peas for second and the famous Reid meringue log for desert. It was all very, very tasty, and this from someone who deems himself a hopeless cook. What a great guy Stephen is.

We hit bed early like the loser parents we are, which was fortuitous because Silas was up half the night feeling sorry for himself. It’s sad when little people are sick.

All in all, a fine day.


2 comments on “Twenty Eight

  1. Bec
    July 12, 2011

    Happy twenty-eight birthday Kim… Glad to hear it was a good day 🙂

  2. Brigitte
    July 12, 2011

    A very happy belated birthday Kim! I’m glad you had a good day.

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