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Nature – 1, Nurture – ?

My second born, Oisín is increasing the score for the nature side of the old Nature v Nurture argument. The kid is clingy and there is nothing I can or am willing to do about it. He cries a lot. He doesn’t want to be put down. If put down asleep he wakes up. It’s wearing us thin.

Even from the first night of Oisín’s life he didn’t like to be away from human arms. In his cot he made some grating, groany noises that eventually led to crying. I didn’t want to bother the other girl in the hospital room with me so I held him all night. Except when the nurses came in they kept getting me in trouble for sleeping with him, so when I heard them coming I put him down. It was nice cuddling like that. But I didn’t think that one night of tenderness between me and the little deer would render him an attached boy. And I don’t think it did. It’s just what he likes, needs even. So we are going to try and give him that. Even though it will mean many meals of lasagne and potatoes, not much knitting or blogging and lots of violent group hugs with Silas the blocker.

The Reid men can cuddle

Silas is coping well, but tonight I could see some cracks start to show in him. He likes lots of love and attention too. Good thing there are two parents. And the babies are cute.

Two belligerent boys


One comment on “Nature – 1, Nurture – ?

  1. eliza keating
    July 31, 2011

    Yep I had a son like this….the others were easier babies…but Dominic was very clingy ..defo nature…couldnt leave the room without him…I know how tiring this can be…He is 23 now and has the loveliest nature ever…and am more intelligent kind boy you couldnt meet…..I realised as he got a little older it linked with lack of as he grew we boosted his confidence as much as we could….now he has a degree and plays in a band and thinks he’s superman… the best to you and your little clingy baby..Eliza Keating

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