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It’s a beautiful day….let’s get immunised!

The last of Silas’ immunizations (well until he is 4 at least) were due last week. Actually, we should have had them done a month or two ago but forgot. It was Stephen’s first week of work, so I wanted to put it off again because the idea of taking Silas and Oisín by myself was not too appealing, especially as we would be going on the bus. The prospect of delay was more and more appealing.

Last week Monday continued the end of July’s incredible weather dawning sunny and bright, though a little cooler. I was super organised. We arrived nice and early at the bus stop, Silas in the stroller and Oisín tied to my body. Despite my fears the bus arrived precisely on time. Silas was a little unsure at first but warmed up to the journey after a while.

The jab itself was also smooth sailing. Silas didn’t cry, nay he didn’t even flinch. It was pretty amazing. While we waited for our return bus to arrive we went to the library for Silas to have a brief skirmish amongst the picture books and puzzles. The homeward journey was a little more stressful with Silas now feeling very restless and a little weird from his new found resilience to disease. We got home and all crashed after lunch. Silas slept for two and a half hours. Oisín and I snuggled on the couch for most of that time too. All in all it was a good result on a beautiful day.

As I dozed the afternoon away I compared the morning’s experiences to Silas’ immunisations in Johannesburg. These were always a much more stressful affair. Silas was a lot younger and so the experience worse for him. But it felt like each time we went to the doctor’s no one knew what was going on. We would hand over Silas’ immunisation card and the nurses and once a doctor would debate for ages about what needle he was due to have. They had always been the ones to previously fill out the card so I don’t know what the confusion was caused by. They would ask us what immunisations he needed to have. We didn’t know. Eventually it would be sorted out and the correct drugs brought from the fridge.

Stephen was always tasked with holding Silas for the jab. Once the nurses asked Stephen to do one of the needles. He politely declined the offer. Silas reacted as you would expect – bright red face, tears and howling until lots of hugs rendered the pain just a memory.

I’m glad he is done for another 3 years. The previous week I took Oisín for his first one. I have another year of baby immunisations ahead of me. It will be good when he is done too. I hope I can always go on lovely, sunny days.


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