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Go Gillard, go

Dear Julia,

I had high hopes for you. I was excited when you became the Prime Minister, both when you kicked out Kevin, and when you were kind of elected. Even though I wasn’t super impressed with your methods, I wanted to put my support behind Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

I’ve tried to be supportive. I’ve tried to defend you to critics. That’s getting harder. I’ve tried to ignore your poor ability at public speaking, a necessary skill for any leader who needs to inspire confidence in her subjects.

I’ve supported your government. I voted for you. I’ve vehemently defended your party to critics. I’ve tried to sway people to vote for Labour. I never thought I would consider other options for my vote. But I am. Luckily for your government I don’t think there are many good other options. I’m not sure I could will my hand to put a ‘1’ next to Tony Abbott’s name. The Democrats are pretty much no more. I don’t understand the direction of the Greens. My husband Stephen suggests I should vote for the Fishing Party. Perhaps I will. But really I want to vote for your party.

That’s why I am writing this letter to beg you to step aside. If you continue to try and maintain your position I don’t think your party has a chance. Even if you do the right thing, listen to me, and relinquish your position things aren’t going to look good for Labour. But I can’t see a way forward with you at the helm.

Please see sense Julia.

Yours sincerely,

Kim Reid.

PS And could you please take the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen with you. Perhaps you could send him to Malaysia? He seems to like it so much, perhaps he could live there.


One comment on “Go Gillard, go

  1. Ian Franke
    September 2, 2011

    Don’t forget Bob Brown and any of the independents that may want to go with her! Well said Kim. I share your disappointment and frustration at the lack of any viable alternative.

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