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Help Australia’s orange industry!

Did you know the Australian orange industry is facing a really tough time? They’ve had a bumper rainy season – a good thing you’d think, but it means they have far more oranges than people who want to buy them. The incredible strength of the Australian dollar means no one overseas wants to eat our Navels. These two factors mean the orange farmers have a glut of beautiful oranges they can’t move.

I find this sad because I like farmers, (except the sexist ones I used to sell clothes to at R.M Williams), they work hard and sometimes do it tough. They often live in isolated conditions, battle tough weather that a city girl like me can’t fathom, and are at the whim of the volatile economy.

Since I first learned about this I have been trying to consume as many oranges as possible, so that I can buy more and more to help the orange farmers and their industry in Australia. Luckily they are uber cheap and sweet and juicy too. I’ve been trying eat two or three a day and use them in salads and cakes.

The juice of 8 oranges

Today I’m cooking this orange and almond self-saucing pudding. It’s using about eight oranges – a good dent out of my fruit bowl.

I challenge you to join me in helping the orange industry. Go to your local fruit shop (not a supermarket!) and buy a kilo or three. I’ve been getting two kilos for about $1.50 from the Bulli fruit shop. Eat, eat, eat! Delicious!


One comment on “Help Australia’s orange industry!

  1. Bec
    September 12, 2011

    Thanks for this post kim… didn’t know that info… I did get rather orange obsessed during my pregnancy though… will need to keep eating them… I just invented a choc orange cake the other day too… made with good fair trade chocolate and some yummy oranges.

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