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Third anniversary

Happy third anniversary to me and Stephen. We’re about to head out for dinner while some cool people babysit. Stephen sent me roses this afternoon. 

Now that we are three years old it’s crazy to see how much has changed from that day back in 2009.  Mainly we live in a different country and have two children.  When people see the kids they are usually shocked when I tell them that we’ve only been married for three years.  Truthfully, I am feeling it at the moment.  Our lives seem drowned by Silas and Oisín and the relentless monotony of each day – not much sleep, early mornings, a long commute for Stephen, walks to the park, Play School and tears.  I’m steeling myself for the fact it’s going to be like this for a good few years to come.

Sometimes as I reflect on a fight Stephen and I have had and the brief length of our marriage dawns on me.  We are still learning to disagree well and how to respect and adore each other, in the gaps between refereeing the latest stoush between our kids.

Earlier this week I felt a surge of love for this excellent man. He’s patient and noble and giving. He holds nothing against me. He’s kind. The honeymoon phase continues.


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