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Doing nothing isn’t better

During my many woken hours last night I was thinking more and more about the whole Kony 2012 bandwagon thing. And after reading more this morning and hearing the comments of some wise friends I think I was too negative in what I wrote yesterday.

I’m not retracting from yesterday because I have a particular bent against anything that re-establishes or promotes the old and bad positions of power between white and black people. And I think the Kony 2012 campaign does that, as well as seeking violent solutions, which will cause more death.

But people are still being abused and dehumanised, and not just people, but kids, young kids who should have the same access to a peaceful life as my kids.

I don’t think that doing something, even if it’s misguided is a good idea, but doing nothing isn’t good either. It’s easy when you’re as far from Uganda as Australia is, to feel crippled by problems and corruption and end up doing zero to help.


Support this campaign to end slavery.

Give money to these good projects in Africa.

Fix up your own little, everyday choices here and make a difference.


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