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On the rocker

Here in the Reid household we love our rocking recliners. We own three. One came with us from South Africa. It belonged to a woman called Mrs McCracken who Stephen knew from King William’s Town. She was originally from Northern Ireland but moved to South Africa in 1943. 1943! During the voyage across hemispheres Mrs McCracken’s ship had some close calls with German U-boats. They were rushed in and out of lifeboats as a precaution.

Mrs McCracken and her husband were missionaries in the Eastern Cape with the Free Church of Scotland. When Mr McCracken died in the early 1990’s Mrs McCracken stayed on in King William’s Town to continue their ministry. Until Stephen moved to Johannesburg for university he used to visit her every Sunday. She died in 2007. Then her old, brown leather recliner moved in with Stephen’s parents, who gave it to us in 2010. We also have her old bible.

Here it is in January 2011

The rocker became indispensable after Silas was born. He was rocked to sleep countless times in that old chair. When Stephen and I were making decisions about moving to Australia and wondering whether we should send some of our possessions we knew Mrs McCracken’s rocker was at the top of the list. Now it’s being put to good use once again – more rocking of two tired boys to sleep.

Rocking myself and Silas to sleep

Now we have two more rockers! They belonged to my grandparents, were then foisted upon my parents and now we are the happy recipients. I love the nasty, floral pattern, and the muted colours imbued in the fabric. Now we can have a rocker in each tired boy’s room, as well as one in the lounge room, for use by tired parents.

Another good function of the rockers has been as a staging area for cute photos. I’ve tried to take one every month that we have had both Silas and Oisín, though some months I have failed. And we had to wait until Oisín could hold his own in the physical stakes before we put him too close to Silas.

Here are my favourites.

September 2011

October 2011

December 2011

January 2012


One comment on “On the rocker

  1. Jools
    March 11, 2012

    Awesome! We do the same photo thing, with a crusty green armchair from about 50 years ago that I am in love with 🙂

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