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‘Double trouble’ and other prying comments

My kids are both under 2 years of age. For a while there I had two under 18 months. The gap is 13 months.

It’s not actually that bad. I do have some complaints, but there are moments of joy in between the wrestling. Yet, my presence with two babies seems to strike fear and concern into other parents I meet. Generally these aren’t parents I know, but strangers – people I’ve just met, mothers at the park, fellow shoppers and the lady who mans the pedestrian crossing at the local Primary school.

Soon after Oisín was born a lady at the park called me a ‘mentalist’ when I told her the age gap between Silas and Oisín. Besides it not really being her business (but being a mother is everyone’s business), I thought it was a little risky considering the high statistics of postpartum depression. The other common suggestion is that I must be ‘busy’. Or that I have ‘double trouble’.

Silas and Oisín’s close proximity of age actually makes me less busy than if Silas was older. If he were older he might require more entertainment and social interaction. A bit definitely helps – we try and go out every day, for most of the morning to be with other people.

Or people comment that I have my hands full. Or they say ‘they’re not twins are they’? Or they ask if they’re both mine. I answered yes, to that one the other day and was told that they didn’t look like brothers. I’m not sure what the implication was. I repeated, yes, they have the same dad.

I had only one for such a short time. Silas experienced my full attention for one year of his life. His memories of that time are therefore short and being superseded by ones of his time with Oisín as a little brother. The interaction between them is wonderful. When Oisín was smaller Silas would realise he was close by. He would omit a high pitched squeal and rush to Oisín’s side. Silas was the first to get a smile and a laugh out of Oisín.

Now they are starting to properly play together. It turns rough quickly – Silas likes to lie atop his brother. I look forward to watching their friendship blossom.


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