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The Party Weekend

We’ve had a bit of a grim old few weeks around here. Flu, children with endless boogers, hacking coughs, not much sleep, boredom, ethical dilemmas, a freezing house in the morning and homesickness.

Sick little people (O fell asleep in this position!)

But this weekend Stephen has dubbed the ‘Party Weekend’. Tomorrow we are going to the wedding of some most beloved friends. We are leaving Silas with his grandparents and going just with the little deer.

Then, Sunday, a braai to celebrate Stephen’s 30th birthday. We’ve got the braai stand, we’ve tested it out, today I’ll get the chicken and the lamb and the spice. Then, Monday, Stephen’s birthday, and he is taking the day off work! This is unprecedented for my hard working, architect husband. I have planned a day of fun, the details of which I can’t yet reveal, but it’s going to be wonderful. Today I need to arrange the final details of Stephen’s present, if I can. It’s a bit odd, so it might not come off.

The test braai

I’m not prone to optimism, but I’m hoping the Party Weekend will help lift the cloud that’s been hovering around us of late.

What are you doing this weekend?


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