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The big 3-0

Today is my lovely husband’s birthday. Happy birthday, darling.

But today isn’t just any old birthday. Today Stephen turns 30! Whoa! I asked him the other night how he felt about turning 30. He said he still had time. For what? I asked. To do something with my life. Shame, what pressure we put on ourselves.

Contrary to his feelings, Stephen has actually done many, many interesting things with his life. He grew up in Dublin where he learned to play soccer, speak gaelic, fish, kiss girls in the nearby forest and cook meringue log. He went on many camps in Northern Ireland where he put the hard work in the forest into practice on the strange-accented northerners.

Then, as a 16 year old he moved to King William’s Town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. There he went to a boy’s school, and the kissing dried up. But he made some good friends, learned to surf, ride a motorbike, play guitar and finished high school. Thankfully (for me), he got into the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (poo to you Cape Town) and for the next 6 years studied his arse off learning about all things architecture. Three degrees later, he graduated in 2008.

Thanks to Jozi’s diversity, he had a bit more luck with the ladies than in King William’s Town. He also bought a tough racing car, did lots of work for his local church, studied in Switzerland for a semester, made more good friends and bought a house, a real fixer-upper in Brixton.

Joyfully for me, his luck with the ladies didn’t turn into anything concrete and I entered the scene soon after Stephen bought his house. We got married just under a year later and the rest can be read here on KimlovesJozi.

Happy Birthday, Stephen. You’re a wonderful and you’ve done lots of cool stuff in your thirty years. I’m sure the next thirty will be as full of time with good friends, luck with only one lady, more meringue log cooking, ownership of a tough, racing motorbike and hopefully more time for fishing and surfing.

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