Scary stories from a lovely place

The night before it all changed

Two years ago today I wrote this less than inspiring post about the movie Food Inc and what it motivated me to do.

Seeing the movie was a last minute decision. We had been watching a rugby game at the Bohemian pub in Melville with Trevor and Levy. I was uber-pregnant and perching on a stool in a smoky bar felt pretty wrong. But it was very fun. After the rugby I suggested to Stephen that we go to the movies for the late session. I knew we’d be having a baby soon and thought we should make the most of our freedom.

From memory we’d done some other cool things during the day too. We didn’t know that it was to be our last day before coming parents. After all, Silas wasn’t due for another week. In retrospect, I’m so glad we made the most of the day, and the night. This day two years ago contains some of my favourite memories of our lives in Joburg.

Now our lives feel so consumed by our kids. That is a natural part of becoming parents but I feel it very acutely. I am with the kids all day, every day. I don’t get a break. Ever. The nights are long and can be tense and the days are longer and full of activity. I like it and I want to stay at home, but it’s very full on.

Cecily Paterson, who writes a blog about parenting and who has written a book about her experience of mothering one of her children spoke at my playgroup a couple of weeks ago. I asked how I could apply her advice to life with toddlers. She said that while I could practice some of her methods of communicating with my kids, really I just needed to get as much sleep as possible.

So, along those lines, g’night.


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