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Recap: Stephen’s 30th

Here are some pictures of the braai we had for Stephen’s 30th birthday. It was a cool party, even if it was dominated by toddlers. Just inviting my family equals 5 boys under 2 years old. One of our friends who doesn’t have kids said he felt like he was at a mother’s group.

Otherwise the food was good – the lamb was succulent, even if it did run out, the chakalaka was authentic, the beer was in abundance. And the cake was impressive, because I didn’t make it. I put up pictures on all the walls of our friends in South Africa and family in Ireland, as well as Stephen doing things that he loves, like riding a motorbike and lighting a bonfire.

I love a good party that fills a house with activity, conversation, reunited friends and celebration. And you know it’s been a success when your kid ends up playing on the driveway with no pants on.

I bought Stephen a lathe and chisels for his birthday. I picked it up second hand from the Corrimal Men’s Shed, a place for retired men to tinker and turn, saw, weld, grind and fight off boredom. This present has instantly given me hero status amongst Stephen’s carpentry/buildery friends. I was pretty worried about how it would be received, so I was glad to have success.

All in all, it was a great Party Weekend.

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