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Dressed by Sam

It’s becoming a bit of a trend for blogs to feature a fashion section, where the writer includes pictures of themselves in a certain outfit and then comments on each item. I’ve seen it done the best at Frocks and Frou Frou.

Don’t worry. In all it’s waywardness I’m not taking KimlovesJozi down that path. I’m not sure there are that many ways to wear Jeans and a t-shirt. But I could start one about my sons and their sartorial benefactors.

Even before Silas’ birth the baby-to-be was dressed by Ally’s daughter Rose. Thankfully Ally’s desire for her daughter to wear gender neutral whites, navys and reds crossed over for my little son. Then Silas was dressed by his neighbour Timo, the son of Stephen’s super-cool Architect employers. There were some trendy threads in that lot I tell you.

Trendy son of an Architect Silas

As he grew out of Timo’s clothes Silas was dressed by the three boyish sons of Pete and Sheri, our American friends from church. Amongst this lot were a smattering of sporty onesies covered in patterns of balls from every discipline. That was a cute, athletic phase.

American Sporty Silas

I’ve written before that since we moved from South Africa we were missing the mutual support and life sharing with our friends and community that we left behind. But I can happily report that at the hands of Sam and Eddy-boy and their lovely parents, some of this is being reclaimed.

Sam, his mum and Silas

At the moment Silas is dressed almost entirely by Sam, and Oisín on occasion wears an Eddy-boy piece. We’ll return all of Sam’s clothes once Eddy fits into them, but hopefully after that they’ll be back on the body of my little guy.

Is that Sam and Eddy or Silas and Oisín?

And today I was handed two bags of clothes and shoes for Silas by a lady at playgroup. Most of it is for summer, but there are a few long sleeved pieces with smart comments, like ‘wrong is the new right’ emblazoned on the front – just what an up-and-coming naughty two year old needs.

I often hear mothers at playgroup offering to share around various sized clothing for toddlers and kids. I love it. It’s a great way of sharing resources. Babies and kids generally end up with so much stuff, more than they can wear through, and so there are lots of good pieces of clothing to be shared around.

It’s a beautiful expression of community and friendship. I love in the mornings grabbing something for Silas to wear and picturing his little mate Sam in the same clothes, running around and having fun, just as Silas will.

Silas and Sam


2 comments on “Dressed by Sam

  1. mavisandfrank
    June 5, 2012

    So true Kim. I love knowing that things are getting more than one life. Jules and I have worked out a postal swapping thing and I love seeing Ellie in the clothes I made for Rose as a toddler. Some of Theodore’s clothes have now been through all four of our kiddies. I think as they get older though, it’s hard to do the gender neutral thing.

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