Scary stories from a lovely place

A good day

Today the weather dawned threateningly grey. I had no car and so faced a four kilometre walk to Playgroup. I felt more tired than usual – more than two years of waking 3-6 times a night will do that.

I decided we would jig Playgroup. It was a risky decision. But then at 09h30 Oisín fell asleep. Silas and I trekked outside to hang out the washing. Then we headed for the garden for some weeding and replanting. We got very muddy, but it was worth it. Soon after we came back inside Silas fell asleep, unaided, on the couch. They both slept long and peacefully.

Upon waking the tears flowed freely from everyone but me. A lunch of cold pasta and cheese with biscuits was devoured with glee. Miserable monsters turned into laughing, happy children. (Parenting moment: “oh, they were hungry”.) We went for a walk to the trainline, and found a new park with a train and a motorbike! Silas ran most of the way home, picking dandelions and throwing them into the breeze.

A friend dropped in for afternoon tea. Silas kept making his excited, shy face as she read books and played the train set with him. And he was genuinely saddened when she left. Tears flowed again and I sought puppets, cars and even more books to stem the tide. Nothing worked, so I served dinner – baked beans, corn, more cold pasta and cheese. Fed and happy children tore into the bathroom. (Parenting moment: “as above, you idiot”.)

Once the water was drawn my two little friends sloshed around, crawling, jumping onto their knees, splashing me, choking and laughing at each other. We defied most of the rules of bath safety in the name of more hilarity. When it all ended in tears, as was inevitable, they got out. Once they were both towelled, talced and pyjamed, we read more books and they both went to bed without a sound.

Early mornings equal early bed times equals long evenings for mothers. During the bathtime I felt some pangs of sadness for everyone who was missing out on the cute kid show – their father, grandparents, friends in South Africa. Having these kids and being able to spend so much time with them is such a privilege.

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