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PS, I envy you

When I sat my Irish, Rom-Com loving husband down to watch ‘PS, I love you’, I knew I was onto a winner. My previous movie recommendations had all been artsy failures; Stephen even made me walk out of ‘Blindness’.

I watched half of ‘PS’ while away on a camp with a group of 19 year old women in Johannesburg. There was many a tear shed and Gerard Butler was thoroughly objectified. While I admittedly did tear up in the opening scenes, I found the movie itself pretty boring, which is probably why I went to bed before it had finished.

I was sure Stephen would love it, so sacrificially, I suggested we watch it, even though I hadn’t seen the whole thing. He is, after all, Irish, and while his masculinity is expressed in a different way than Gerard Butler’s (less stubble, more wise words), I thought he would like it. I could not have been more wrong.

By the end, I realised where I had gone so off course. The movie rambles along, taking the watcher on an emotional rollercoaster in which Hilary Swank’s grief for her dead husband is dragged out through letters, instructions and a trip to Ireland to help heal from her loss.

While brooding over pints of Guinness and remembering how she and Butler met, Swank has a one night stand with her dead husband’s equally rugged long lost best friend (Denny from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – need I say more). During this scene I wasn’t sure if Holly was sleeping with the ghost of her dead husband or another man, and I’m not sure if she knew either. In the closing scenes of the movie Holly meets this guy again suggesting something will happen between them in the future. Hence the Director tries, fairly unsuccessfully in my opinion, to alleviate the creepiness of their previous encounter.

Her irritating accomplices (Phoebe from ‘Friends’ is one) and bitter mother come along for the ride. Holly and her mother’s consideration throughout the movie of their own fractured relationship was the truest and most successful part of the story.

Eventually Stephen and I concluded that, whereas ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, is male fantasy flick, ‘PS’ is female fantasy flick. What woman doesn’t want to end up with a blue eyed muscly guy, with guitar strumming fingers, raw passion and an indecipherable, but endearingly cute Irish accent? While perving on Gerard Butler’s bod (as well as his mate) I was also perving on Hilary Swank’s skinny, muscular form juxtaposed against her ample rack. What woman doesn’t want her wardrobe? What woman doesn’t want her shoe collection, displayed around their spacious (even though Swank criticizes it) New York apartment. What woman doesn’t dream of following her heart and then developing a successful career as Swank does at the end of the movie. And even this career change – stiletto designer – is surely coveted by many a female audience member.

There was nothing in this movie for guys. It was all for the women. That’s why my Irish Rom-Com loving husband didn’t like it. Because it wasn’t a Rom Com, it was pseudo porn for the ladies.

I realise that my words in this post have only made me enemies amongst women. Don’t even get me started on ‘The Notebook’.


2 comments on “PS, I envy you

  1. Kim
    August 4, 2012

    Oh, please do start on ‘The Notebook’!! I’ll back you all the way!

  2. kimlovesjozi
    August 5, 2012

    Oh Kim I’m glad you said that! I thought I was betraying my gender. It was rubbish hey. I also found it pretty raunchy. Lots of my friends in South Africa loved it, but ironically they were conservative Chrstians, more so than me!

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