Scary stories from a lovely place

Happy 3rd birthday Kimlovesjozi

Three years ago I nervously started kimlovesjozi. I’ve really loved writing it. At times it’s been a bit of a monkey on my back and even made me feel frustrated and morose. But, generally, it’s been wonderful. The satisfaction that comes from publishing a post is long-lasting and deep.

This is particularly pronounced at the moment as my days are filled with Looking after kids. It’s a rewarding occupation but often boring, yet busy, and, unlike the vast majority of jobs, it’s unpaid (except for all the sweet money the government gives me). When Kimlovesjozi starts to feel like a bit of a burden I try and imagine that it’s my job and needs to be done.

Here are links to a few of my favourite posts.

A review of a great book

One about Silas’ name

One about music and life

One about a scary night in Jozi

A review of a great TV show

One written by a professional

A review of a great CD

One by Stephen

And of course, one about Jozi


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