Scary stories from a lovely place

Best laid plans….

I had lofty plans for this week. I was going to pack my bags to go to Dublin, pack up my house in readiness for Stephen moving out after we’ve left, clean everything so he didn’t have to, visit and drink tea with friends, go to the park and the train line and spend lots of quality time with Stephen.

Alas, winter would have it otherwise, and we have all been really sick. Stephen and the kids have had colds for ages, which then morphed this week into the crazy flu. I caught it and we’ve all had a different experience of the various symptomns – vomiting, temperatures, lots of nose blowing, sore throats, lost voices and coughing all night long. It’s been less than pleasant. Instead of the aforementioned plan I’ve sat on the couch and cuddled miserable children, stayed in bed while other people cuddled the kids and only managed a meagre effort at packing and cleaning.

I have avoided going to the doctor because they are so stingy these days with the drugs. When I was a kid and the flu reared its ugly head the doctor would hand out the sweet antibiotics without a second thought. But now they want you to suffer and only prescribe when the symptomns are multiple and nasty. But with Monday’s 30 hour flight hastening towards us we couldn’t delay anymore. While we waited at the medical centre I avoided wiping my children’s boogers so that they would look as sick as possible as I tried to figure out how to plead our case. I felt like an addict begging for another prescription of pain killers. I needn’t have worried. The doctor took our temperatures and found that we were all recording above healthy. So now we have the sweet drugs coursing through our veins, killing every living thing in our bodies.

The sickness could potentially make the flight more pleasant because the kids are fairly devoid of energy and happy to sit around and mope. Although the coughing and constant nose wiping will no doubt make us more unpopular amongst our fellow passengers than I was already going to be.

I’m still totally psyched for tomorrow and not yet worried about the flight. I’ve packed my bag full of snacks, books, cars, stickers and animals. Stephen has made little books for the kids full of drawings of animals, planes, trains and himself. The grandparents are ready and waiting. On Tuesday afternoon we will be arriving in Dublin to weather that should be sunny and mild. Boarding my flight tomorrow evening cannot come soon enough.

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