Scary stories from a lovely place

Worth it

As warned, my 30 hour flight to Dublin alone with two toddlers was really hard. It was long and uncomfortable and the sight of us seemed to make others nervous. There was lots of aisle walking, flirting with strangers (not by me), playing with stickers and buttons, eating pretzels, sleeping in awkward positions and crying when we had to fasten our seatbelts. But it wasn’t hell and I would totally do it again.

But I was right, the worst times were definitely not while on the plane. Rather, it was waiting at Abu Dhabi with crowds of tired travellers and queueing to have our passports checked that was by far the worst.

I wasn’t seated near helpful strangers, but nor did anyone seem particularly bothered by being near us. And there was always another kid being more annoying within earshot of us.

Now we have been in charming Dublin for three days. The kids are adoring their grandparents and I’m enjoying catching up with them and my long lost Joburg friend, Ellie.

Dublin is beautiful, though hopefully the sun will come out this weekend so it can sparkle even more.


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