Scary stories from a lovely place

Dublin Beach

Today we went to Howth which is one end of the large, crescent shaped bay that Dublin sits in the middle of. It wasn’t great weather. The wind was stiff, the sunshine barely sporadic and the air cool. But we made the most of the bus and train ride, found a great park, chased after oversized seagulls and played on the rocky beach.

Last week we went to Greystones, the other end of the Dublin coast. Again the public transport excited the children and continued my love affair with the Dublin bus and the Dart.

It was Friday, just before the sunny, sunny weekend, and so the weather was incredible.

We played on the weird sand, throwing stones into the sea and enjoying the spark of the cool water.

We found weed and shells and admired their smooth, sliminess between our fingers.

It was lovely. The beach isn’t something that is normally associated with Ireland, but these two were delightful.


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